About Steven P. Holt, M.D.

Steven P. Holt, M.D.
Steven P. Holt, M.D.

Holt Hair Restoration Center opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan in February 2010. Prior to becoming a Grand Rapids Michigan Hair Restoration Specialist, Doctor Steven Holt was employed as the Director of Emergency Medicine at Butterworth Hospital for 20 years.

His career change came after he had a hair transplant himself. The procedure looked so natural and gave Dr. Holt so much confidence that he decided to switch his focus to helping other men and women re-grow their own natural hair. This is his entire focus at Holt Hair Restoration Center.

The credentials that Dr. Holt possesses demonstrate his knowledge, experience, and passion for the field of hair restoration. He is one of less than 100 doctors in the world who has completed a sub-specialty in hair restoration that is intensive and focused in nature.

Additionally, Dr. Holt is one of less than 300 Hair Restoration Specialists worldwide who has achieved board certification with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Holt’s personal experience and professional expertise with hair loss solutions make him a trustworthy and compassionate provider.

For Dr. Holt, the ability to work one-on-one with patients and develop meaningful relationships with them was the driving force in opening his own clinic. His staff, which includes business manager Brent Alberts and technicians Lyndsay and Angie, value this opportunity as well. All three of them have been with Dr. Holt for several years, with Lyndsay and Angie’s professional relationship dating back to his time at Butterworth Hospital.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction at Holt Hair Restoration Center. You can read more about this in the procedure contract we give to all patients prior to their undergoing any hair restoration service. Our entire team is happy to answer any questions you have about our various procedures. We look forward to working with you to restore both your hair and your confidence.

Patient Review of Holt Hair Restoration

When I looked in mirror, the man that was looking back at me was a much older version of myself. I did not feel as old as I looked. I HATED going bald. In high school, I was known to have the best hair, and for me to lose it was devastating. I made an appointment at Holt Hair Restoration and if I had to sum it up in four words it would be…”it changed my life!” Thank You Holt Hair Restoration. -Kevin M.

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